OnePlus 6 Vs OnePlus 5t; Which Is Best?

OnePlus has emerged as a leading manufacturer of high end but affordable Android Phones. OnePlus 5T is the older version, while and OnePlus 6 is the latest model; some of the notable changes include a glass back that gives the latter a very up market feel. But the most interesting thing to note with these two SmartPhones is that OnePlus 6 was launched 6 months after the 5T was launched. As such, most people have problems knowing what their difference really is, what modifications can one expect? Is it really worth it upgrading, or no need really? has taken time to note down the differences and similarities between the two, and a verdict on which one is the best. Have a look below;

Display and OS; both Smartphones use an Operating System of Android 8.1 Oreo. The difference however is that while OnePlus 5T has an OxygenOS, OnePlus 6 has an upgraded OxygenOS 5.1.2.  OnePlus 6 has a 6.28 inch AMOLED19.9 inch Gorilla Glass 5. The 5T has a 6 inch optic Amoled Gorilla Glass 5.

Camera and Battery; in this aspect, both these Smartphones seem to have similarities. Both have a 16MP Dual LED Flash rear camera 1 and 20MP f/17 rear camera 2. Both have a battery duration of 3300mAh, with a USB Dash Charge of 5V 4A.

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Security; both Smartphones have Face unlocking features and fingerprint sensors.

Resistance to water; here there’s a notable difference in that while the OnePlus 5T was not resistant to water whatsoever, OnePlus 6 is said to be water resistant! There aren’t many reviews or ratings for this resistance and our personal opinion is that the Smartphones can be said to me mildly water resistant, not a total dunk inside a pool.

Differences;  the differences aren’t major, apart from the slightly larger size of the OnePlus 6 as aforementioned (6.28 inches compared to 6.01 inches). The additional inches will accommodate more text when browsing. Also, the speaker in OnePlus 6 has a single speaker located at the bottom and offers more sound clarity than the 5T.

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