Interviewing Skills For Graduates

When one graduates it is usually with pomp and colour; the next phase is usually getting employed, and starting a new life of gainful employment. But wait, there’s always a hurdle that many are afraid of, some qualified graduates have even lost employment opportunities due to this hurdle; the interview. A job interview freaks out many graduates, and clearly, this is not the way it should be. You don’t have to break a sweat, check the below tips to help you get the necessary interviewing skills to help get that dream job;


  1. Be smart and presentable; the success or failure of your interviewing process starts long before you arrive. Always be smart, and presentable; get a nice haircut or style, dress officially and smartly, trim your fingernails, and polish your shoes clean.
  2. Arrive on time; one mistake graduates often make is arriving for the interview too early, or too late. Always be there about 10 minutes before time; if you’re too early, your interviewers won’t be ready, while too late may see you disqualified.
  3. Always have your documents in hard copy; don’t be fooled or confused by the digital era of soft copies. While you can send your CV and other documents in soft copies online, always have them in hard copy for a one to one interview.
  4. Be confident; confidence is very important; the interviewing panel will be observing you closely for any signs of nervousness or fear.
  5. Smile a lot; well, don’t grin like a fool or idiot for no reason, but clearly, smile politely and sincerely in between the interview. A smile disarms the interviewing panel.
  6. Be passive; the fact that you’re being interviewed doesn’t mean that you sit there quiet all the time, waiting for questions. Your potential employer will be pleased if you can ask relevant questions, whatever you don’t understand, etc.


In a nutshell, always look smart and presentable, be confident, have your academic documents at hand, and smile often; these will go a long way in helping you get that job.